Distribution Monitoring

Monitor water quality in the distribution system By monitoring treated water within the water distribution system network, you can identify potential problems that pose risks to public health and threaten…

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Turbidity Measurement

Optimize filtration with accurate turbidity measurements Protect your filters and avoid costly mistakes by monitoring filter performance in municipal water treatment. Keep total output under control, optimizing the amount of…

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Source Water Monitoring

Drinking water quality analysis in source water for appropriate pre-treatment Source water can be vulnerable to accidental or intentional contaminants and weather related or seasonal changes. Monitoring the quality of…

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Application-specific specialty kits are available for many parameters, including arsenic, water in oil, sulfate, glycol, and others. These kits use a variety of methods, including test strips, turbidity, and visual…

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Multi-Parameter Kits

Hach's multi-parameter kits test for the parameters you need - no more, no less. Each kit comes complete with reagents, instructions, and a rugged Hach carrying case. Kits range from…

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Instrument Test Kits

Instrument test kits are based on the DR900 Multiparameter Handheld Colorimeter or DR1900 Portable Spectrophotometer. Select kits include the Hach digital titrator, PocketPro pH Tester, and/or HQ40d meter (dissolved oxygen,…

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Immunoassay Test

Hach's Immunoassay test kits use Hach's rugged and waterproof Pocket Colorimeter II (PCII) instrument to measure parameters such as Alachlor, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH), and Atrazine. Many kits come equipped…

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