UV Lamp and Colony Counter

Hach carries microbiological testing accessories to complement media offerings, including both portable and benchtop ultraviolet (UV) lamps and colony counters. Non-portable powered accessories are available in US & EU voltage…

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Vials, Tubes, Bottles & Racks

Hach carries a wide variety of bottles, tubes, vials, and racks to suit your microbiological testing needs. Culture tubes, sampling vials, and bottles (with and without a thiosulfate dechlorinating agent),…

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Sampling Bags

Hach carries Nalco Whirl-Pak sampling bags in a variety of sizes and quantities, with thiosulfate (dechlorinating agent) or without. These high-quality clear bags have fill lines which make it easy…

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Microbiology Filters

Microbiological filters from a variety of reputable manufacturers are available through Hach, including Pall, Millipore, Xenomax, and Gelman. Commonly used in detection and enumeration of coliform organisms, 0.45 ┬Ám, 47…

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Funnels, Pumps & Manifolds

Hach carries high quality filters, funnels, and pumps from Millipore, Pall, and Microfil in a variety of sizes and shapes. Disposable funnels can save sterilization and mess; stainless-steal manifolds offer…

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Dehydrated Media

Hach carries a wide variety of media and accessories for microbiology applications, including dehydrated media, nutrient agar, broths, acids, dilution water, sterilization indicator, and reagents. Combined with Hach's microbiology expertise,…

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