Take the pain out of TOC analysis and lower your total cost of ownership The Hach QbD1200 TOC Analyzer is an accurate, reliable, and easy to use instrument for analyzing…

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Titralab Automatic

The AT1000 and KF1000 instruments are one touch, automatic laboratory analyzers covering both Potentiometric Titration (AT1000 Series) and Karl Fischer Volumetric Titration (KF1000 Series). These instruments utilize pre-set application packs…

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Manual Titrators

Get accurate (±1%), convenient manual titrations performed without the bulk, fragility, or waste of a conventional glass burette, using the Hach Digital Titrator. Test for eighteen parameters including chlorine, hardness,…

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TU5 Series

The TU5 Series laboratory turbidimeters for drinking water and other pure water applications feature a revolutionary 360° x 90° Detection Technology™, engineered to see more of your sample than any…

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TL23 Series

The TL23 Series laboratory turbidimeters for a wide range of turbidity applications feature the trusted technology of Hach’s legacy benchtop turbidimeters and improved functionality to simplify testing. These features include…

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2100Q Portable

Hach 2100Q / 2100Q IS Portable Turbidimeter offers unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy in turbidity measurement. With easy-to-follow on-screen instructions, manuals or memorization are not needed for routine calibrations.…

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DR6000 Laboratory

The UV-VIS spectrophotometer DR6000 delivers top performance for both routine laboratory tasks and demanding photometry applications. This system is designed for the effective work in professional laboratories. Intelligent software supports…

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DR3900 Laboratory

This photometer system is designed to deliver accurate results by supporting the operator with each step he is doing: • Sample preparation: reduced handling steps, precise dosing • Sample analysis:…

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DR1900 Portable

The DR1900 excels in the field because it is the lightest and most compact portable spectrophotometer. Your field testing takes you to potentially dusty and wet conditions where other equipment…

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