Total Coliform

Hach's total coliform testing laboratories provide all equipment necessary for Total Coliform and/or E. coli testing in the field using membrane filtration (MF or most probable number (MPN) method. The…

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Potable Water

Hach potable water labs provide all equipment necessary for microbiological testing of Total Coliforms and E. coli using P/A methods, including Hach's portable incubator. The kits also include apparatus and…

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Drinking Water

The economical portable Hach drinking water lab (Microbiological Environmental Laboratory) for microbiological testing monitors key water quality parameters plus Total Coliforms and E. coli (using P/A method). The kit includes…

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ATP Test Kits

Hach proudly carries LuminUltra's complete line of ATP testing solutions. The LuminUltra product line is comprised of luminometer instruments (PhotonMaster and PhotonMaster w/BTM bundle), 2nd Generation ATP Test Kits (Quench-Gone…

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