Whatever your industry, a range of solutions to solve your specific needs

Our water analysis solutions can be found in every corner of the globe and across a wide array of municipal and industrial facilities. From municipal wastewater and drinking water plants to industries such as food and beverage, power generation, chemical manufacturing, and dozens more, as well as Engineering Consultants, Hach has expertise and solutions to help you. This includes lab instrumentation, in-line process solutions, and Real-Time Control Systems, as well as a corps of service and training professionals to keep you up and running at maximum efficiency.

Simply put, wherever there’s a need for water quality analysis, you’ll find a Hach solution.

KEY INDUSTRY SECTORS – includes but not limited to:

– Chemical
– Manufacturing
– Engineering
– Government
– Construction
– Environmental
– Food and Beverage


Whether you’re a municipal drinking water plant, a wastewater treatment facility, or both, you can find a complete portfolio of solutions for lab, online, field or service applications. Our experts continue to innovate portable and online analyzers to help facilities maintain compliance, cut costs, and streamline operations.


Whether your business is food, beverage, power generation, chemical, or one of hundreds of other industry types. Hach has a solution to meet your lab, online, portable or integrated water analysis needs.

Engineering Consultants

As an Engineering Consultant and System Integrator, every day delivers a new challenge to solve. Look to Hach for a wide range of solutions and expert, experienced answers to give you the support you need.